Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

CEO Veli-Matti Mattila:  "Our task is to promote sustainable digitalisation"

As a Finnish pioneer in telecommunication, ICT and online services, Elisa’s mission is to promote sustainable digitalisation. For us, this means developing the reliability, accessibility, security, availability and environmental friendliness of our services. The more than 4,300 Elisa employees and our thousands of competent partners engage in this work daily.

Our corporate responsibility is based on Elisa’s strategy and core values, which are customer orientation, responsibility, results orientation, renewal and collaboration. Key corporate responsibility sectors include responsibility for the climate, customer satisfaction and personnel satisfaction. These are also measured through scorecards.

Key focus areas for our corporate responsibility:

  • • data security and privacy protection
  • • financial responsibility
  • • availability, safety and accessibility of services
  • • being a responsible employer
  • • energy efficiency and climate change
  • • ensuring operational reliability in society
  • • responsible customer communications

Our most important stakeholders are our personnel, customers, owners, social operators and partners. Engaging in stakeholder dialogue is an important part of the daily development work of business operations and corporate responsibility.

More information on on our Responsibility Report.