The history of Elisa reflects the changes in Finnish society. The Helsinki Telephone Association was founded in 1882, and telecommunications have become part of the everyday life of Finns in 127 years. In Finland, Elisa has been a forerunner in almost every aspect of telecommunications technology. Click on the links, to read more about Elisa’s eventful history.

In the field of digital mobile communications, Elisa has been a forerunner in both Finland and internationally. Radiolinja, a subsidiary of Elisa at the time, transmitted the world’s first GSM phone call and launched the first commercial GSM service in 1991. The first GSM data call also took place on Radiolinja’s network in 1993. In 2007, Elisa once again made telecommunications history, being the first operator in the world to introduce an UMTS900 network for commercial use. In 2008, as confirmed by research, Elisa's fast 3G network was comprehensive in Finland.

Elisa is a data communication and ICT service company. Our online and ICT services provide Finns with entertainment and help businesses improve their productivity. We serve approximately 2.2 million consumers, companies and public administration organisations. As the market leader of mobile subscriptions we offer our customers an extensive and fast network which enables 3G and 4G services. In 2012, our revenue was EUR 1.55 billion and we employed 3,860 people. We offer international services in partnership with Vodafone and Telenor.