Strategy and Values


Bringing experiences and productivity into everyday life.


Recognised international provider of digital services and brand of excellence.

Strategy statement

We are innovating digital services to consumers and corporate customers in own telecom footprint area and internationally with network ownership independent services with world class intimacy and operational excellence.

Strategy execution focuses on


Elisa’s core values are Customer orientation, Responsibility, Renewal, Results orientation and Collaboration. Take a look at how Elisa staff members see values as a part of their work:

Customer Orientation

•We stay one step ahead and surprise our customers
•We focus on the things that bring value for customers.
•We make things simple and high quality for customers.


•We are honest and open.
•We keep our promises and are disciplined.
•We develop our business over the long term for the benefit of our shareholders, customers, personnel, the environment and society.


•We are enthusiastic about learning and continuous improvement.
•We learn from our mistakes – and from our successes.
•We search for new ways of working and challenge our assumptions.

Results orientation

•We commit ourselves to common, ambitious goals
•Where there’s a will, there’s a way – we act decisively and courageously.
•We choose our focus.


•We respect each other and value each other’s work.
•We work for the common good – Elisa's interests outweigh the interests of the unit or our individual interests.
•We inspire one another, put ourselves on the line and keep a twinkle in our eyes.