Environmental responsibility

Our environmental responsibility focuses on climate and energy

The ICT industry is a key player in moving operating methods in a more environmentally friendly direction and mitigating climate change. The global carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 20 per cent with telecom and ICT products and services.

For the ICT industry to be able to effectively reduce the emissions of other industries, it must take care of its own emissions. At present, emissions from the ICT industry are around 2 per cent of global emissions. Emissions from the industry are expected to decrease, even though the amount of data and the number of devices will continue to grow on a global scale.

Elisa’s telecommunication networks in Finland and Estonia consume around 240 GWh of electricity. Electricity consumption is responsible more than 90 per cent of Elisa’s direct CO2 emissions. 

Reducing our carbon footprint and that of our customers

We want to participate to contribute to creation of a carbon neutral society by providing our customers the services which enables them act effectively and in an climate friendly way.

Elisa has an environmental policy and a management system to continuously decrease its key environmental impacts. We are committed to continuously improve the impacts of our business and promote environmentally sustainable operations.

The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions has been part of our strategy since 2009. We monitor our objectives every six months through the CO2 emission savings scorecard. The energy efficiency of our operations is monitored through the sub-metrics of the scorecard.

The energy efficiency team meets four times a year to monitor the achievement of our energy efficiency and carbon footprint goals. The EU Energy Efficiency Directive obligates Elisa to perform energy audits at company and target level every four years.

Further information:

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We report our carbon footprint annually in the CDP questionnaire. Elisa's climate report for investors and global markets has been annually rated among the best of Nordic telecom companies.

We are member of the ICT Producer Co-operative and make sure in our part that used electronical devices are recycled. ICT Producer Co-operative. Elisa shops have Data SER collection containers in which devices and batteries can be left for recycling and disposal in a safe manner.

We have a contract with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd regarding the transfer of producer responsibility for the packaging; I.e. that recycling of packaging waste is in accordance with the requirements of law in Finland.