Elisa’s 135th anniversary year was yet again the best year in our history. We improved our operations and developed new services based on customer experience. Our revenue grew and our earnings increased.



CEO Review

We improved our competitive ability for example by introducing an innovative pricing model for unlimited data, by investing in the quality of our network, and through acquisitions.

Elisa has been proven to be one of Finland’s best places to work (Great Place to Work). We employ more than 4,700 professionals in Finland and internationally. Continuous development of the personnel and our Ideal Work thinking can be seen in our personnel satisfaction survey results.

Our customers value the connections that our fast, high-quality network allows and our affordable mobile data subscriptions with unlimited data transfer.

Mobile data growth
20 GB/month
Average data usage / user

Record number of unique content in Elisa Viihde.

Elisa received the Great Place to Work certificate.