We are currently looking for people for these vacancies.Please note that vacancies published in Finnish require fluency in the Finnish language.

Please note that we do not accept open applications. We have noticed that your chances of getting hired are significantly better if you apply directly to one of our vacant positions. New vacancies are posted every week! Sign up for a job agent.

Software and IT

New digital services play an important part in Elisa's business. This means that we have a growing team of IT experts. 

Business management, development and support

Elisa's business includes many different types of tasks. These people share the will to improve and develop, find new solutions and stay at the forefront of development in this constantly changing field.

Technology and production

New technologies, network design and information security are all responsibilities of Elisa's technical specialists. They develop, operate, maintain and innovate.

Sales and customer service

Elisa's sales and customer service positions are located in different parts of Finland, and we have a large group of people who ensure that our customers are satisfied. The focus points of each position vary, but they all include customer service and sales-oriented activities.

Students welcome!

We work actively with universities and students. We provide students with various summer jobs and twice a year graduates can apply for the Elisa Talent Program.