Elisa's business includes many different types of tasks. These people share the will to improve and develop, find new solutions and stay at the forefront of development in this constantly changing field.

A leader coaches and solves problems

We want management to be exciting, target-oriented and educational. Our values guide everything we do, including our management, be it supervisory work, business or project management, or the role of a process owner. Business management combines the customer aspect with target-based leadership, supervisory work and interaction with different work communities. We produce value for our customers together with a number of external partners. The quality of our partnership management is high, and it follows the principle of continuous improvement.

Business management typically involves responsibility for business finances. However, we produce our results together. This means that daily leadership skills and coaching are essential parts of business management. The will to solve customers' problems, target-based activities in accordance with Elisa's strategy and enabling the development of new competence areas for our employees add depth and challenges to work. In practice, a good business director keeps one step ahead of their customers and has the will to boldly seek new operating models. 

Everyone moves forward in development projects

Business development projects typically involve product managers, business managers and business development managers. In addition to more commercial viewpoints, we also have more technical business development positions. People working in business development usually have strong expertise, such as data competence, but also good organisational and people skills.

Development employees need to be eager to learn continuously, but also able to inspire others. After all, a product or process owner, for example, works together with the rest of the organisation. Responsibilities may include end-to-end delivery as a process responsibility, or the development of a new product or service on the basis of customer feedback and digitalisation. Development positions are challenging, but here, nothing ever gets too serious, and we also support one another. This is what helps us succeed!

Support functions play a major role

Without support functions, business objectives cannot be reached. At Elisa, business operations are supported by Communications, HR, Finance, Legal Affairs, IT, and Administration. These mainly offer supervisory and management positions, but typically also various specialist jobs, such as development manager or controller. Support functions also offer some operative positions, such as assistants and service employees.

Support functions require strong adherence to our values and commitment to our common goals. As in business management and development, support functions set the bar high – the goals defined need to be achieved. 

Vacancies - Business management, development and support