Elisa's sales and customer service positions are located in different parts of Finland, and we have a large group of people who ensure that our customers are satisfied. The focus points of each position vary, while each includes customer service and sales-oriented activities. 

In most positions, we offer you the opportunity to work part-time or change shifts flexibly, which makes working easier if you are still a student. The level of supervisory work and management has been proven to be high at Elisa: we support your learning and development every day.

More than 70 shops and outlets in Finland

Our salespeople are responsible for face-to-face sales and customer service. They work either in shops or sales outlets. In shops, we are able to provide full service for consumer and corporate customers, making their everyday lives easier. This is possible because of our broad product range and popular products. Working in sales outlets is suitable for everyone who is active, not afraid of approaching people, and enthusiastic about sales and profitability.

Customer service in various channels

If helping and serving others combined with modern knowledge work is your thing, we recommend our multi-channel customer service positions. We serve customers by telephone and via chat, email and video – not only our own customers, but also customers of other companies who believe that we can help them through our customer service solutions. Elisa's customer service also includes sales-related elements. Specially trained Omaguru and Yritysguru specialists actively solve technical problems and do not give up – no matter how difficult the case. 

When working with customers, I get the best vibes when the customer is satisfied and the problem is solved. I need to be truly willing to help and do my best. I always think what I could do even better

Jouni, Elisa corporate customer service

Telephones sales, too

When it comes to sales and marketing, there is nothing like sales and marketing by phone, which we do for our current and future customers. This is energetic, inspiring and rewarding work: we do not push ourselves – we offer truly useful solutions for actual needs. If you are able to get good results, you can get hefty bonuses. Of course, we also pay a fixed hourly wage. Elisa takes good care of its employees and offers good employment benefits that help you go on and enjoy yourself, both at work and outside work.

We build partnerships in corporate sales

Sales and marketing to corporate customers can often be a more long-term activity, focusing on building and developing partnerships. Taking care of and developing customer accounts are key parts of sales activities for companies. We also serve our corporate customers in Elisa shops, and larger customers also through customer responsibilities and personal contact persons. Corporate sales requires good networking skills and a thorough understanding of business and, in particular, the production of added value using modern digital products and services.

Vacancies - Sales and customer service