New digital services play an important part in Elisa's business. This means that we have a growing team of IT experts.

Altogether, Elisa employs some 500 software architects, DevOps gurus, testers, software developers, integration experts, product owners, system specialists, designers and many others.

Elisa has a separate unit in charge of the company's digital services and the development of new services. These gurus built the popular Elisa Viihde and Elisa Kirja services, for example. This crew communicates in English in an international working community. 

Our strengths include our startup attitude, the most agile production models in our field considering our size, and the financial stability of a large corporation. We are building our abilities on freedom, expertise and feeling. 

”The best part about working at Elisa is that our team can independently decide how to do and share our work. I trust my colleagues, and they are always happy to help others. Here, our supervisors are as relaxed as the atmosphere.” 

Tomi, software architect

We have the freedom to choose

We have the freedom to choose tasks, tools, technologies and the workplace. What is important is that everyone has the opportunity to learn and improve – in the direction they want. When a new project starts, tasks are distributed with the team so that every individual can work on what they enjoy the most. Here, employees have an impact not only on the work process, but also on results. It is also easy to change jobs in-house if you want to try something else.

There is no one way of doing things – everyone chooses the hardware or technology they want to work with. What is more, Elisa offers exceptionally good opportunities for remote working. If you want, you can work from home or from your summer cottage, or at another Elisa office. Our offices are located in different parts of Finland. 

”During the past four months, I have learned more about new technologies than during the past four years in my previous job combined. People know what they are doing and support one another, while the work remains sufficiently independent. The person sitting next to me has been coding for longer than I have been alive.” 

Juha, software architect

Expertise increases by doing

Welcome to a workplace that has the best experts in their fields. Even though we demand a lot, we also firmly believe that nobody is perfect and everybody can improve. We invest in training and coaching our employees.

It is important to us that freedom also comes with responsibility. Standing on the front line of technology means that we cannot rely merely on trainers and courses. The highest level of expertise is the ability to improve in our own work.

”We have highly different projects and customers. I may only need to briefly consult coders for one project, design an entire service or product layout and functionality for another, or build a user interface using HTML and CSS. Varied projects keep this job interesting and ensure that there is always something new. Best of all – coming to work is always fun because of my excellent colleagues.” 

Sakke, UI designer

Not just a workplace

We know that a workplace must be much more than just work. Game room, hacklab, ball pit, hobby club and gym to mention a few key words. We are proud of our laid-back atmosphere, competent supervisors and crazy, fun colleagues. With us, you can be yourself.

Welcome to our crew!


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