Did you know that Elisa is among the first operators to deploy the latest technologies? We were the first operator in Finland to test 5G; we broke the world record by reaching the speed of 1.9 Gbit/s in the 4G test network; and our customers use more than 15 GB of mobile data a month.  

Our world records and innovations made in the field of technology would not be possible without our world-class technical experts. Our experts can continuously learn more and develop themselves. We work actively with business operations, and even the most technical experts meet real customers. Our experts have responsibility and freedom over their work, even though they are, of course, assisted and coached by their supervisors along the way.

We keep networks up and running

Our network specialists ensure that we are able to offer reliable, high-speed connections around Finland. Tasks related to networks include network design, architecture, optimisation and operation. Our partner companies are mainly responsible for installation and repairs in the field.


We also take care of information security

Information security is a vital part of activities of companies, including ours. Our information security specialists predict and detect information security risks, and react to them. In addition, some of our specialists monitor the operation of services around the clock. What is more, the production unit sees to the maintenance, delivery, operation and development of servers and data centres. All parts of Elisa's production also develop, test and automate technologies. 

Vacancies - Production & Technologies