Elisa enables digital living

Elisa is an operator, and much more. We secure connections between people, but above all else, we are enablers of the new digital life which the future presents to us.

Elisa is the workplace for you if you want to be part of enabling new things and changing the world. To implement these changes, we need coders, business specialists, mobile network developers and designers, lawyers, controllers, telesales representatives, and many other experts.

Elisa is a powerhouse where everyone is an individual. We have flexible working methods, and here, responsibility and freedom go hand in hand. Of course, Elisa is a major corporation, which means that you can work on larger projects and boldly experiment on smaller ideas.

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This is what we do

An enthusiasm to use new technologies and working methods has always been a travel companion on Elisa's more than 135 year journey. We were the first operator to launch many technological solutions. Elisa is also known internationally for its innovation and financial success.

We have roughly 2.8 million customers, covering nearly the whole of Finland. Almost every adult in Finland has encountered Elisa or one of its many services. In 2018, our revenue totalled EUR 1.83 billion.

We offer services to consumer and corporate customers. Our business field is in constant change, with new digital services showing the fastest growth and development.

We employ some 4,800 people. Our head office is in Pasila, Helsinki.

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Anne Häyrinen

Anne Häyrinen

GTM Manager

I work in Elisa's Corporate Customers unit in Jyväskylä. My responsibilities include GTM measures for IT services in the SME segment. I have worked for Elisa for a long time. The opportunities to develop yourself and learn new things here are countless. Elisa is full of wonderful co-workers and the team spirit is great!

050 541 4999

Petri Östman

Petri Östman

Process Developer

I work in process development in our consumer customer business, bringing sales insight into the development of Elisa's product and service sales development and sales guidelines. Most of the time I work remotely from my home, which brings flexibility to my life. I talk to my co-workers daily and virtually meet new great elisians every day!

050 357 9800

Jaakko Vihriälä

Jaakko Vihriälä

Service Manager

I work with our corporate customers and our IT+C services. As a service manager I'm responsible for the operational cooperation of the customer relationship management model. The management model is part of the process of deepening the customer relationship. Together with the sales I participate in the tactical and strategic cooperation.

050 506 3706

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