In 2019 Elisa again ranks among the best places to work in Finland. The ranking is based on the Great Place to Work Finland survey which places the most emphasis on how employees evaluate their place to work. This year Elisa came in second in the list of large organisations.

People enjoy working here, and I want to thank every Elisa employee for this: a workplace is built together.

Merja Ranta-aho, Executive Vice President, HR

What works?

The Best Workplaces in Finland survey revealed that our employees especially appreciate the opportunities for continuous learning, our flexible and free working practices, and our good working community and colleagues.

What does this mean in practice?

For example, that we continuously learn something new in a rapidly changing industry. We want to be the driver of development and build new and better ways to do what we do. Our employees learn by doing and through top-level training. Elisa also supports independent studies of its employees.

We have exceptionally flexible working methods. Elisa uses a working model entitled Ideal Work, in which Elisa employees are mainly able to select the working methods and places that are ideal for them and their work. On average, Elisa employees work 72 days a year remotely.

And colleagues – those are the best! According to survey results, people have fun working here, and we have a kind atmosphere and a good team spirit. We are proud of this.

Thanks to the operating model based on trust, Elisa employees have solid experience in combining responsibility with freedom in their work.

Katriina Grönqvist, CEO of Great Place to Work Finland, the organisation that conducted the Best Workplaces in Finland survey.

We will do even better

We have worked hard to build a good place to work and working culture. In recent years, we have particularly focused on the development of daily management and smart working methods, a coaching management method and continuous improvement, together with our employees.

We believe that a 135-year-old can still develop. We also believe in trust as a management tool and in people's ability to take responsibility for their work. Above all, we believe that a change is not only possible, it is also an opportunity.

This is not the end of our development. In fact, we believe that we have just started. Through the Best Workplaces in Finland survey, we have gained valuable information, and we will continue our development, together with our employees.

Our field is constantly changing. Throughout our 135 year history, we have looked for ways to do things better.

Elisan henkilöstöjohtaja Merja Ranta-aho, Executive Vice President, HR

About the survey

The best places to work in Finland survey is based on the 30 years of research on what makes a good workplace by the Great Place to Work organisation. The results consist of Trust Index personnel questionnaire (weighted 2/3) and the Culture Audit report (1/3) which investigates the practices and leadership of the company. The survey is based on the definition of a Great Place to Work: In a good workplace employees trust the leaders of the organisation, are proud of what they do, and enjoy working with their colleagues. For the 2019 listing 151 organisations with a total of 45,000 employees were surveyed in Finland. Elisa was ranked second in the list of large organisations.

Elisa has also been issued a Great Place to Work certificate, which is valid until October 2019. The certificate is issued to organisations in which at least 7 out of 10 employees feel that this is a good workplace. The criteria must be filled regardless of the gender or position of the employees.