1. Meaningful work

At Elisa, you will be on the front line of digitalisation and able to see how new digital services are built. Many people working at Elisa are also able to truly help people.

“We develop tools to make healthcare more widely available to more people, and we support innovation that changes the world. For example, services developed using Elisa's IoT ecosystem help to boost functions, save energy and enable remote healthcare and elderly care services in areas where they would otherwise be unavailable.”

Nina Karisalo, environmental specialist

2. Freedom and responsibility 

We believe that you are the best expert in your work. At Elisa, everyone works in teams that have the freedom to choose how to work. Every employee is able to have an impact on their work.

“I have a straightforward frame of reference that is defined by Elisa's strategy, business plan and targets. Within this framework, I am able to work freely. There is a lot of room for independence and creativity.”

Sujit Wings, business lead

“This work requires inner motivation. Motivation gets increased when people have the freedom to impact their tools and working methods. We are constantly developing our ways of working. The application of lean methods has made working more enjoyable and effective.”

Juha Männikkö, director of software development

3. A chance to learn

Elisa does not stand still. The field is constantly changing and developing, and we want to remain in the lead. At Elisa, employees are able to develop themselves. We offer various training opportunities, and we also support our employees in their independent studies.

 “I am happy that I have the opportunity to work with interesting things. I always want to improve myself. Luckily, Elisa has a positive attitude towards development. Elisa wants to help people move forward.”

Pia Andersin, Business Analyst

4. ...and be part of a major change

Currently, Elisa's business field is in constant change. Digitalisation is shaping entire industries, and 5G networks are coming. At Elisa, every employee is able to witness this unique transition: we are building the future.

“This field is moving forward quickly. From tapping the screen, we will probably go towards voice or gesture control. In addition to development, we also need to face the fears of our customers related to, say, artificial intelligence. We need to consider how we will relate to more humanlike robots. These are really interesting questions that we will need to think about in the near future.”

Sanna Shibasaki, senior service designer

5. Flexible ways of working 

Work is part of life, and it needs to adapt to different situations. At Elisa, many tasks can be performed outside the office. Here, employees spend roughly 75 days a year working remotely, and meetings are often held online.

“I was surprised about how free and modern this organisational culture is. The possibility to work outside the office added a lot of flexibility to my time off. For example, I was able to visit my girlfriend in Helsinki and work from her apartment.”

Juuso Vallius, communication specialist (summer employee at Elisa in 2016)

“I usually work remotely in the mornings. I spend roughly 20% of my time outside the office. I often think that my handbag is like my office.”

Noora Lainio, director of commercialisation and audiences

6. Good supervisors

We invest in good management, and we constantly train our supervisors.

“I have been fortunate in that I have had supervisors who have strengthened my self-esteem and made my personal development possible. This has helped me to grow as a person and as an employee.”

Nina Karisalo, environmental specialist

“Even though I spend a lot of time sitting in meetings, I get to meet my employees for face-to-face reviews. I discuss personal objectives with every employee, and I give all team members a free hand to prepare the necessary activities. We regularly review the fulfilment of these activities and objectives together. However, my team are otherwise free to choose where they work and how they work.”

Annukka Matilainen, customer services director

7. The best colleagues

Our personnel surveys indicate that people like working here, not least because of their colleagues.

“I know that it is a bit of a cliché to say that the best parts about my work are my colleagues, but I actually have great colleagues, and the atmosphere is excellent. I rarely work outside the office because, by noon, I start to miss people to talk to, and I simply cannot stay away.”

Noora Hostikka, communications manager

“The best parts about my work are the people I get to work with. There are so many experts both in-house and as our partners, ranging from coders to content producers, directors and actors. I enjoy working with such creative people in different environments, from the ICT world to making a TV series.”

Laura Kuulasmaa, business manager, Elisa Viihde

8. Licence to be yourself

Here, everyone can be who they are, and everyone's opinions are regarded highly. We know that different kinds of people and ideas are need to reach good results.

“When I started working at Elisa as a trainer, I was first surprised by how enthusiastic everyone was about my opinions. My colleagues truly appreciated my input and ideas, and I was able to have an impact on things from day one, regardless of job title.”

Tytti Oksanen, online producer


9. Multiple career opportunities

Elisa offers various, highly different positions. Here, you can move in-house from one position and unit to another. Many people have had long careers in very different tasks.

“I consider myself lucky that I was able to see how Elisa has transformed from a conventional telecom operator into a versatile content producer and distributor. It has been amazing to see how Elisa has, in seven years, evolved into the largest electronic bookstore in Finland with the largest video rental service and the most popular entertainment service.”

Laura Kuulasmaa, business manager, Elisa Viihde

10. Responsible operating methods

Responsibility is one of our five core values. We produce services that have a significant role in lowering the global carbon footprint. Reducing the level of emissions is part of our strategy. We are also a significant taxpayer.

“Corporate responsibility requires continuous development, which concerns all of us. It is about making choices: How do we travel to work and back? How much do we travel? How much do we work outside the office? Do we use renewable forms of energy? At Elisa, employees take on average seven remote working days a month. We have been able to reduce our carbon footprint by 80 per cent in three years.”

Nina Karisalo, environmental specialist