Shareholder's Nomination Board - information

Following is information of the procedure as to how Elisa's Shareholder's Nomination Board is formed:

Elisa’s Annual General Meeting of 4 April 2012 decided to form a Shareholder's Nomination Board comprising of shareholders or representatives of shareholders.

Our largest shareholders may nominate representatives to the Shareholder's Nomination Board and fifth member is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The right to appoint members representing shareholders in the Shareholder's Nomination Board is determined according to the information registered on 31 August in Elisa’s shareholders’ register held by Euroclear Finland.

Should a shareholder, who according to the Finnish Securities Markets Act is obliged to report certain changes in holdings (ie Flagging rules), notify Elisa in writing of such a demand by 31 August at the latest, such shareholder’s holdings in several funds or group companies are added together when counting the share of votes.

Votes of the nominee registered shares are not regiestered normally in Elisa's shareholders' register held by Euroclear Finland. A holder of nominee registered shares is advised to contact its custodian bank for necessary instructions regarding the registration of the shares in the shareholders’ register, if it wishes to be eligible to use the nomination right. Please note that the registration of the shareholding into the book-entry securities system shall be initiated early enough to be effective by 31 August.

Questions or inquiries in relation to the above and for any notifications or announcements to Elisa relating to the Shareholder's Nomination Board, please contact Elisa's Senior Corporate Counsel, Company Secretary, Anne Vainio (tel. +358 50 68500 or email: Please include your contact information in any notifications.