Investor Facts

Elisa in brief

Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company operating mainly in Finland and Estonia. We also offer new services and digital solutions to the growing international markets. We have over 6.2 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation subscriptions and over 2.8 million customers.

We are the market leader in mobile and fixed network services in Finland, and number two in Estonia. We are a unique communications service provider with strong focus on service offering based on the needs of our customers. We provide environmentally friendly communication and entertainment services, and tools for improving the operations and productivity of organisations.

Our brands include Elisa, Elisa Saunalahti and Elisa Videra as well as an increasing number of international service brands. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor, among others, enables us to offer globally competitive services.

Elisa is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap with approximately 190,000 shareholders. In 2017 our revenue was 1.79 million euros with 9 per cent growth.  Approximately 85 per cent of our revenue comes from telecommunication services for consumer and corporate customers. Fast-growing digital services account for over 15 per cent of the revenue.

Today we employ over 4,700 professionals in Finland and Estonia, and in 12 countries internationally. Main subsidiaries include Elisa Appelsiini, Elisa Eesti, Elisa Santa Monica, Elisa Videra, Enia, Fonum and Elisa Teleteenused (Starman).

Unique communications service provider

Finland is advanced in many telecommunication areas, like fixed to mobile migration, as well as mobile data consumption. Elisa has offered unlimited mobile usage since data services were available. Elisa’s pricing model is almost unique. The pricing is based on speed rather than gigabytes. High quality networks and intelligent data management has enabled this model and it has led to highest mobile data usage per customer in the world.

Elisa has made successful strategic choices. In the mobile business Elisa offers unlimited usage and the price is based on transmission speed. Customers appreciate this offering and gradually move to higher speeds, which generate industry leading mobile service revenue growth. We estimate, while our customers move more and more to 4G speeds, high margin mobile service revenue will continue to growth. In the fixed network business the fibre connection are increasing, because they offer higher speed, capacity and quality. Both mobile and fixed services are supported by high quality networks and IT systems.

Elisa focuses also more and more on new digital services, where growth rate is higher than telco services. This portfolio includes e.g. visual communication services, entertainment services and cloud based IT services.