CEO's review

(From Interim Report Q3 2018)

Strong result from Elisa again 

We have generated the strongest quarterly result in our history. Revenue was at the previous year’s level despite some divestments. Revenue increased due to growth in mobile and digital services and declined due to divestments. The result grew due to an improvement in the productivity of Elisa’s operations and the growth in the revenue of mobile services. The continuous improvement of quality and operations improved Elisa’s competitiveness.

Finland continues to be a clear pioneer in the use of mobile data. Elisa enables Finns to remain at the spearhead of mobile development. The latest step involved Elisa being the first operator to commence the construction of a 5G-ready network in Helsinki. These 5G-ready networks have already been built in Turku, Tampere and Jyväskylä. In the auction that began during the third quarter, Elisa acquired its preferred 5G frequencies, which will be available for commercial use on 1 January 2019. Fast mobile broadband subscriptions facilitate smooth daily lives of consumers, corporate customers and organisations. Elisa’s subscriptions do not include a commitment obligation, which is why customers perceive them as fair. The post-paid mobile subscription base grew by 8,300 subscriptions during the quarter, while the prepaid subscription base reduced by 8,100 subscriptions. The fixed-network broadband subscription base also grew by 2,000 subscriptions.

Elisa offers its customers high-quality content. The international original series Bullets had its premiere during the autumn, and five international hit series, including The Good Doctor, were released in the service. The filming of the original series Nyrkki also began in September. The recently published biography of Kimi Räikkönen, The Unknown Kimi Räikkönen, was released exclusively as an e-book and audiobook on Elisa Kirja. The market for e-books in Finland grew by more than 65 per cent compared to the previous year.*

As a trailblazer in Wi-Fi calling, Elisa is introducing the service to the majority of consumer customers. Elisa also provides the widest selection of Wi-Fi calling-enabled handsets. Wi-Fi calls are connected considerably faster than before, and they significantly improve sound quality as well as indoor coverage.

Thirteen teams from eight countries were selected for the Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge competition, targeting world-class AI teams.  The teams represent healthcare, for example, as well as comprehension of the Finnish language and real-time analysis of sport videos. 

The continuous improvement of the customer experience and quality are an integral part of our corporate culture, and we will continue to keep a strong focus on them. Increasing productivity, internationalising our digital services, creating value with data, and our strong investment capability will continue to create a solid foundation for the creation of competitive value in the future.

* Finnish Book Publishers Association