Outlook and guidance

(From Half-Year Report 2018)

Market situation

The competitive environment has been intense and active. Mobile churn levels are high due to continued campaigning. Smartphone sales in the second quarter has continued to grow. Also, strong demand for data and higher 4G speeds has continued. The competition in the fixed broadband market has continued to be intense in multi-dwelling units. The number and usage of traditional fixed network subscriptions is decreasing.

The markets for IT and IPTV entertainment services have continued to develop favourably. The demand for other digital services is also growing.

Outlook and guidance for 2018

The macroeconomic environment in Finland has improved, but long-term structural challenges still remain. Competition in the Finnish telecommunications market remains challenging.

Revenue is estimated to be at the same level or slightly higher than in 2017. Recent acquisitions, mobile data and digital services are expected to increase revenue. Comparable EBITDA is anticipated to be at the same level or slightly higher than in 2017. Capital expenditure is expected to be a maximum of 12 per cent of revenue.

Elisa is continuing its productivity improvement development, for example by increasing automation and data analytics in different processes, such as customer interactions, network operations and delivery. Additionally, Elisa’s continuous quality improvement measures will increase customer satisfaction and efficiency, and reduce costs.

Elisa's transformation into a provider of exciting, new and relevant services for its customers is continuing. Long-term growth and profitability improvement will derive from the growth in the mobile data market, as well as digital online and ICT services.