Our mission is to promote sustainable and secure digitalisation

As a Finnish pioneer in telecommunications and digital services we have a significant role as part of the society in Finland and Estonia. Customer orientation guides our daily operations and development. We constantly work to improve safety, reliability, accessibility and environmental impacts of our services. 

Responsibility, ethical and lawful business operations are essential for us in all situations. Our operations are guided by Elisa Code of Conduct and we have committed to principles of UN Global Compact. Our Corporate Responsibility is based on our strategy, values and business model.

Together with our stakeholders we have identified and prioritised our most important sustainability goals that we measure with balanced scorecard. They also enable us to influence the UN sustainably goals either through our own actions (footprint) or through services developed for our customers and other stakeholders (handprint):

We enable safe digital environment for everyone

  • We co-operate with stakeholders to make digital environment safe.
  • We increase awareness of digital safety.
  • We do co-creative service design to ensure accessible and safe services.

We act with empathy and promote equality

  • We do activities to ensure especially youth and senior people inclusion in digital environment.
  • We support workforce adaption to digital workplace.
  • We do responsible sales and customer communication.

We act responsibly, ethically and promote wise resource usage

  • We improve our energy efficiency in networks and working environments.
  • We use CO2 free electricity.
  • We make economic contributions to society through investments, taxes, employment, sponsoring and charity.
  • We recycle devices safely.