Taxes and investments

By paying taxes and other public levies, we participate in the development of society as a whole. We are one of Finland’s largest payers of corporate income tax. Tax information from Elisa's subsidiaries and operations is collected annually as part of the financial reporting process. It is used to calculate Elisa's annual tax footprint.

According to the confirmed tax information for 2016, Elisa was the seventh largest taxpayer company. In 2016, we paid EUR 392 million of taxes in Finland, of which EUR 60 million was corporate income tax.

Elisa operates throughout Finland, and 31 per cent of the corporate income tax goes to municipalities. Around half of this went to municipalities outside the Helsinki metropolitan region, which means that we are a major corporate income taxpayer in many locations in Finland.

Elisa paid more than 80 per cent of all the taxes paid by Finnish telecom operators.

In Estonia, the company only pays corporate income tax if it pays dividends to its owners.

Significant investments

We build and maintain a comprehensive communications network in our main market areas in Finland and Estonia.We are the most significant operator investor in Finland by our capital expenditure investments of nearly EUR 200 million.  

Our investments are allocated directly to the development of the data communications infrastructure, 4G networks, the landline
trunk network, IT systems, digital services and customer terminal equipment.