Responsible employer

The Elisa Group employs over 4,800 professionals in Finland and internationally. The basis of our company´s success is competent and agile personnel's contribution and their well-being. In an equality study by Equileap, Elisa continues among the top 200 companies and ranked in top of the Finnish companies. Also our employees have voted Elisa as Great Place to Work in Finland three years running.

Digitalisation is influencing what we do and how we do it, our tools and working environment, as well as management. Translated into skills for working life, this requires continuous development, taking care of your own well-being at work, trust and open interaction. Change requires also clear target setting  from management.

New ways of working allows flexible coordination of work and leisure time. Clear goals, modern tools and flexible opportunities for working increase meaningfulness and productivity of the work. They also save time and money and help to protect the environment.

Elisa’s  management principles are based on coaching, having clear goals and shared values. Daily management and development discussions held twice a year between supervisor and employee are vital elements in our Elisa way of leadership.

Elisa´s Ideal Work concept includes smart ways of working as well as in physical and virtual working environments. Each Elisa employee can choose the way and place of working that best suits them and their work. Elisa will provide the necessary facilities and tools.

Continual improvement is in core of our operations. We develop way of working and our processes in several development groups led by process owners. All of our employees are entitle to participate to the development work.

Active cooperation with universities and academic institutes is important part of our capability development and responsibility.

We promote equal opportunities and treatment for all women and men in work and  having a zero-tolerance to all forms of workplace discrimination. Elisa employees and our partners have duty to report breaches against this principle.

Diversity and equality work is coordinated by Equality committee who is responsible of  development, regular follow up and reporting of company’s diversity and equality plan.

In addition to the regular personnel satisfaction survey we measure realisation of non-discrimination and equality through annual equality survey.

Wellbeing and safety

Our employees and subcontractors have the right to work in a healthy and safe working environment. They are obligated to take responsibility for the development of working community. Occupational health and safety management system includes occupational health care, job entry and health examinations, optician eye examinations, vaccinations, reimbursement for physiotherapy, rehabilitation. Daily management is key contributor to ensure employee wellbeing and occupational health and safety.

Modern ways of working set special requirements for management. Measures to avoid employee burnout or work related stress as well as ways to ensure work motivation, good ergonomics and social networks are focus areas of the management.

Elisa’s HR department is responsible for development of well-being and health and safety operations, and employee training accordingly. The facilities services and the IT department, in turn, are responsible for working conditions. Regularly meeting working environment committee, which consist of employee, employer and OHS service provider representatives, coordinates the work of the OHS organisation.

It takes care of measures under the occupational safety and health program, including monitoring of working conditions and assessment of hazards

We do regular cooperation with other industry players to improve our own and common industry occupational health and safety. Especially this concerns maintenance work of telecommunications networks, like upkeep operations in masts conducted by subcontractors’ assemblers.

Early intervention is an essential part of Elisa’s daily and well-being management. It supports  Elisa’s personnel strategy and business goals. Systematic, correctly timed and correctly targeted cooperation in the different sectors of health management guarantees that employees of all ages remain capable of working and increases the personnel’s value in the labor market.

In Finland we offer high-quality healthcare with services considerably in excess of the statutory requirements. We also  provide sports and leisure activities to support well-being at work in Finland.

We act responsibly also in business or organisational changes, which are effecting to personnel. It´s important that the personnel is invited to take active collaborative participation to the change process. This operating model clearly exceeds the requirements of the Act on Cooperation within Undertakings in Finland

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